Our Work

Mineral Policy Institute focuses on mining impacts here in Australia, the Pacific and elsewhere around the world.

  • Mining Legacies -  is a photoblog that has been set up to tell the other side of the mining story. Our focus will not be on high wages, mining booms and takeovers, but on the people and places that bear the impact of mining. We started with a number of mines in the Northern Territory and Queensland – but are now expanding the site to cover Australia. If you have a mine site you want to list then please contact us.
  • Papua New Guinea – The Mineral Policy Institute has been working on PNG mining issues for 15 years. Over that time the issues have changed very little, except in the increasing size and impacts of the mining projects. The Government of PNG continues to profit from mining while the local communities bear the negative impacts. While some companies had made improvements, there is much to be done if we are to alleviate the human cost of mining and reduce the environmental damage caused. Most recently MPI have been focusing on submarine tailings disposal and on the Morobe Province, where communities living along the Watut River are facing the impacts of mining from the Hidden Valley Gold Mine and the development of Wafi-Golpu.
  • Scandinavia – We are currently assisting local communities in Scandinavia, especially in relation to the Australian listed, Hannan’s Reward

The Mineral Policy Institute works on these thematic issues;

  • Mining Waste such as riverine tailings disposal [Ok Tedi] and submarine tailings disposal [Lihir Island].
  • Erosion and pollution problems associated with mountain top mining in New Caledonia,
  • Pollution of waterways from mine waste, this occurs almost everywhere with a current example  being the Ranger mine in the Northern Territory [Australia]; there are also many sites of concern where pollution is suspected such as McArthur River [Australia]; and sites where standards are low or governance is lacking such as the uranium mine in Kayelekera [Malawi].
  • Deep Sea Mining is an emerging issue with companies keen to mine ocean deposits far from scrutiny and without adequate understanding of the issues, risks and consequences of mining our oceans. Papua New Guinea, a developing country that struggles to cope with terrestrial mining, looks to be where the deep sea mining experiment will start.
  • Submarine Tailings Disposal, again being adopted by mining companies in Papua New Guinea with operations about to start at Ramu and Yandera near Madang.