Mining Legacies:
The Mining Legacies Website and Project has been set up to tell the other side of the mining story. Our focus will not be on high wages, mining booms and takeovers, but on the people and places that bear the impact of mining. The idea is to capture the impact of mining with images, supplemented by text where available. We started with a number of mines in remote parts of the Northern Territory and Queensland – but now [December 2012] are expanding the site to cover mine-sites from around Australia. This website is a shared resource, if you have some images for information for any of the sites please contact us. There is more information on the intro page.

Morobe Province / Watut River
This site is dedicated to issues facing Watut River Communities in the Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea. It’s focus is on mining and development in an area out of sight and out of mind.

PNG Mining Legacies
This photoblog has been set up to tell the other side of the mining story in Papua New Guinea. The Mineral Policy Institute has been working on PNG mining issues for 15 years. Over that time the issues have changed very little, except in the increasing size and impacts of mining projects.The Government of PNG continues to profit from mining while the local communities bear the negative impacts. While some companies had made improvements, there is much to be done if we are to alleviate the human cost of mining and reduce the environmental damage caused.

Solwara Mining Website Hosted by MPI, this website is a shared resource for communities affected by DSM developments and for individuals and organisations working on the impacts of DSM in the Pacific.

Panguna, © MPI 2009

Panguna Mine, PNG © Damien Baker / MPI 2009