New Mining Monitor

MPI has updated their Mining Monitor Newsletter to an online magazine.

In recognising the changing face of the media landscape and the quantity of, and flow of information we’re presented with each day, MPI has decided to change the way we communicate with our friends and supporters. This new publication will return to where the original mining monitor left off, providing original articles as well as showcasing work from around the world. This way we aim to present the work we’re doing through engaging, visually interesting and thought-provoking articles, with quality reporting and analysis. Our unique insight and passion in the areas of monitoring mining impacts and activities will be shown through this bi-monthly publication.

It’s December and getting very close to Christmas, we find ourselves part of the frenzy to buy presents for our loved ones, but we also try to remember our ethics, and these two are often at odds. So, in this edition we bring ourselves back to earth and feature the ongoing devastation of the Ok Tedi mine in Papua New Guinea’s Western Province through two feature articles: Michael Main’s Decades of Neglect takes us through a first-person account of the growing humanitarian crisis in communities of the Fly River as a result of 30 years of mining at Ok Tedi, and Charles Roche reviews an essential book on the same issue, Mining Capitalism, by Stuart Kirsch, which not only looks at the effects of one mine, but the business-as-usual approach of bad mining practices, as well as the failure of market-based policies. We also learn about the international nuclear landscape through Mia Pepper’s article The Nuclear House of Cards, and we highlight MPI’s ongoing project in PNG through a media training project that is underway in Watut River communities, which will see local information getting out about mining and development issues.

We do have some funds to commission original contributions (especially PNG focused) and encourage you to get in touch with the editors if you’d like to submit an article, image, cartoon, poem, song, book review, research synopsis, etc. We hope you like the new format. Happy reading and 
merry Christmas! Charles Roche & Jessie Boylan

Check it out here. 

Next edition due out in Feb 2015.