Mining Monitor April 2015

This edition of the MM takes us around the globe again; with the first stop being Tasmania. MPI chair Dr. Gavin Mudd attended and opened the mining legacies exhibition Entropy 1, which we featured in February’s edition of the MM. Dr. Mudd gives us an insight in to the impacts and resonances of the work that Isla MacGregor presented to a state in the midst of a mining conundrum, whether to boom or bust, ignoring the legacies of previous mines that still tarnish the landscape.

MPI’s director, Charles Roche takes a detailed look into two articles on the impacts of mining on culture and life for the Reite Communities in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The articles, written by Professor James Leach discuss the implications for enforced development such as mining on remote and traditional communities, enabling outsiders to gain an insight into how complex the issues. Charles then has a quick look at Newcrest Mining’s 2014 Sustainability Report.

In our video this month, Dr Brian Brunton widens our focus to another community impacted by mining developments in PNG, and looks at the Milne Bay Province that has seen mining on Misima Island, which ended in 2001, and future projects underway such as the Woodlark Island project, and a potential Deep Sea Mining project. Mining in PNG is one of MPI’s main foci, and we will continue to bring readers of the MM in depth articles about developments there, but we are also looking for more contributions from those who also have interest in PNG.

In this day and age, information is disseminated at lightening speed, making it difficult to digest much of what is going around, but luckily for us, in this edition, Simon Judd reports on two different websites that expose and make transparent mining companies activities, economically and socially all around the world. Judd takes us through the functionality and purpose of websites Bank Track and EJ Atlas with a particular focus on how both websites are increasing transparency and accountability for Woodlark Island.


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