The McArthur River Project: The Environmental case for Complete Pit Backfill

 Independent report calls for urgent inquiry into McArthur River Mines risks A report published today by the Mineral Policy Institute on environmental risk
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McArthur River Mine expansion approval process should halt for inquiry: report

Indigenous residents in the Gulf of Carpentaria have taken what they hope will be a pre-emptive strike in the battle over whether the McArthur River Mine (
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Calls to halt McArthur River mine operations over safety and remediation concerns

Report demands mining stop until it can be determined how and at what cost the operation can be made safe The huge McArthur river mine must stop operations
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Ground Truths; Taking Responsibility for Australia’s mining legacies

MPI is pleased to release Ground Truths; Taking responsibility for Australia’s mining legacies.  The report sets out to explain some of the current a
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Dilemmas of Development: Mining at Porgera, Papua New Guinea

Even before the perfect storm of expansionary government spending and record low commodity prices threatened Papua New Guinea’s resource dependent economy,
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The Hidden Costs of ‘Mining Development’: A View from the Rai Coast of Papua New Guinea

This article explores how a large-scale mining development located upon the Rai Coast of Papua New Guinea is transforming how a local community value their
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Deep sea mining PNG’s Sensitive Marine Ecosystems

The integrity of marine ecosystems all over the world is threatened by human activities such as dumping of rubbish, disposal of chemical and radioactive wa
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Undermined and Wasted: Australia’s Nuclear Landscape

The story runs that everything the ancient Greek King Midas touched turned to gold. In the 1950’s and 60’s uranium was seen as a Midas mineral and, with ar
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  • New research from the Australia Institute on abandoned mines in Australia. Stay posted for the actual report.

    More than 60,000 mines have been abandoned across Australia, according to a report that raises concerns about how land rehabilitation is managed.

    Posted By Mineral Policy Institute

    February 16

  • I'm in love with Gina Lopez - Here's a few things she's working on - exploring alternate development models, protecting the the people and the environment instead, impact and cost of legacy mines, profits going overseas, embedded corruption, money going to local communities, addressing poverty, acknowledges corporate capture, actually regulates the industry, suspends offending mine-sites rather than the usual slap on the wrist. "we make our choices and the choices must always be on the side of social justice because that is enshrined in the Philippine constitution - I'm just following the law"

    Amazing comments (and action!) from Philippines Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources Gina Lopez: "Why is the nickel that people want more important than the food we eat, and the air we breathe, and the quality of life of our children?" (12'29")

    Posted By Mineral Policy Institute

    February 09

  • Reports from Malawi over water pollution concerns from Australian company Paladin's Kayelekera uranium mine which has been in care and maintenance since 2014.

    Malawi's mining companies are keeping locals in the dark over the risks of water contamination in their rivers.

    Posted By Mineral Policy Institute

    January 27