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.pdf Individual articles (by title)
 Undermined and wasted: Australia’s nuclear landscape Poison or poverty? Glencore’s blackmail of Borroloola Moni, Meining na independens blong ol papa graun stap klostu
 Uranium in the West: going nowhere fast A sense of place, a sense of loss: Australia’s mining legacies Out of sight out of mind: marine mine waste disposal in Papua New Guinea
 Deep sea mining PNG’s sensitive marine ecosystems  Outside Boundaries: Conservation and Mining in PNG High mortality, severe poverty, entrenched gender discrimination: life near the Hidden Valley mine
 Dilemmas of development: Mining at Porgera, Papua New Guinea Australian Uranium Mining in Africa – Our Responsibility? Rehabilitating Mirarr Land: Mining to end at Ranger?
The hidden costs of ‘mining development’: a view from the Rai Coast of Papua New Guinea Desperately seeking legitimacy: reducing the social impacts of extractives in PNG

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Individual articles (by title)
Money, land and autonomy development on the fringes of mining Paladins curse in Malawi
Increasing transparency and accountability for Woodlark Island  State crime on the margins of empire – book review Paladins curse in Malawi
Newcrest and Transparency  A state of disorder: An exhibition reveals the truth of the Tasmanian mining landscape
 A new mine for Woodlark IslandA new mine for Woodlark Island